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 Balthasar Drago

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Name: Balthasar Drago

Age: As old as Mankind.

Alignment: Evil

Sub-Type: Soul Stealing Demon

Physical Description:
Balthasar Drago PicImg_Nicolas_Cage_on_15b9

Personality: Balthasar is a little bit crazy. He loves to inflict the most damage as possible and stealing the souls of good beings. He is incredibly intelligent and has his own plans for the world after the war is over. When Balthasar steals a soul he feels an almost euphoric feeling.

Fighting Style: Balthasar likes to get up close and personal. He prefers to attack rapidly and with a lot of power. This is meant to keep his opponent of balance and let him get inside their guard in order to steal their soul.

Weapons: Balthasar has two swords that curve with the blade on the inside of the curve. This gives both slicing and tearing effect and allows him to disarm his opponents more easily by hooking the blades around their weapon at twisting it from their hands.


Can steal the souls of others, gaining their powers and memories. The souls in his body slowly fade until their powers become his and Balthasar can release them as shadows of what they should be back into the world. This is his only natural power and all his other powers are stolen from others.

Balthasar has skin like living steel, making it very hard for anything to cut him but his bones and internal organs can still be broken or ruptured with enough force.

Balthasar is very fast and has very fast reflexes. This is due to the fact that one of the souls he stole was of a person who had synapses that fire much fast then normal so his muscles can break the limit of normal humans and signals reach his brain and back to his body much faster then normal. This also increases his physical strength to super human levels.

Balthasar can create vortexes and vacuums by controlling wind currents.

Balthasar is able to use the powers of a Shadow Sorcerer as that was one of the fist souls he ever stole.

Personal History:

Balthasar was born in the Underworld and banished to Earth when he tried to steal to soul of the king of the Underworld. When he was banished all of the souls that he had absorbed from his fellow demons were released into the world as shadows of their former selves creating the first human souls and removing all the powers Balthasar had except his soul stealing powers forcing him to start collecting his powers all over again.

A few hundred years later Balthasar had not been able to absorb any new powers, only the souls of normal humans. Not having powers made Balthasar feel weak, a feeling he hated more then anything so he formulated a plan. Balthasar began to hunt down specific humans with magical abilities. As soon as he found one, a Sorcerer name Merlin, Balthasar took the old mans magic for his own and began to cast spells allowing him to attack both the Underworld and the Overworld. He tricked the two realms into thinking that the other realm had declared war and started to conflict between heaven and hell. This made sure that both demons and angels would be present on Earth and allowed him to begin his power collection.

Eventually the conflict died down again, retreating into the shadows of the world and humans forgot about the war entirely. The humans began to reproduce rapidly causing the population to increase exponentially. When this happened Balthasar was approached by the Grimm Reaper with an interesting offer. Balthasar could have the more powerful souls for himself and Grimm would be allowed to get his high from the souls Balthasar either didn't want or had finished with and released back into the world.

In the year 2005 Balthasar had gotten bored with absorbing human souls again and once again made the war escalate into a full war between heaven and hell but this time Balthasar had an alternative motive. When the war was over Balthasar would take advantage of the weakened state of heaven and hell and take over Earth as his own realm. So Balthasar waits, causing as much damage as possible and making sure the war rages and both sides sustain heavy casualties until they both retreat and he can begin his own conquest.
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Balthasar Drago
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