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 Demon Template

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Alignment: Good

Sub-Type: (Read the Character Rules/Types for more info on Sub-types)

Human Form Physical Description: (At least three good paragraphs or a picture.)

Demon Form Physical Description: (What do you look like when you are in demon form. Do you have a specific type of armor? What kind of natural weapons do you have? At least three good paragraphs or a picture.)

Personality: (At least one good Paragraph)

Fighting Style: (Do they charge in head first or do they plan out their attacks and use skill. Give a basic description of how you would fight.)

Weapons: (If this does not apply to your Sub-types then either leave blank or put N/A)

Military Rank: (How high of a rank are you. Must be lower then general. Does not apply to Arch Demons.)

Killing Methods: (What are the requirements for someone to kill you? Do they have to cut off your head or is it easier. The easier it is to kill you the more physically powerful you may be so find some kind of balance that works for you.)

Personal History: (These are the main events in your life that have made you how you are today. You do not need to put every detail)

RP Sample: (This is not required but it is recommended.)
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Demon Template
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