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 Vampire Template

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PostSubject: Vampire Template   Vampire Template EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 4:58 pm

Name: (Needs both a first and last name)


Alignment: (Good, Evil or Neutral)

Sub-Type: (Read the Character Rules/Types for more info on Sub-types)

Physical Description: (At least three good paragraphs or a picture.)

Personality: (At least one good Paragraph)

Weapons: (If this does not apply to your Sub-types then either leave blank or put N/A)

Fighting Style: (Are they a crazed fighter that charges in or are they more skillful and thoughtful when they fight.)

Political Standing: (Are they politically active and if so how much influence do they have over the vampire society.)

Personal History: (These are the main events in your life that have made you how you are today. You do not need to put every detail)

RP Sample: (This is not required but it is recommended.)
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Vampire Template
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