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 Nishara, Horror of the Universe

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PostSubject: Nishara, Horror of the Universe   Nishara, Horror of the Universe EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 6:31 am

(Sorry, I was in the wrong forum and didn't notice. You might want to set it to keep members from being able to post topics in approved.)

Name: Nishara

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Sub-Type: Arch Demon

Human Form Physical Description:

Nishara, Horror of the Universe Nisharahuman

Demon Form Physical Description:

Nishara, Horror of the Universe Nishara

Personality: Nishara is not what most would expect of the ruler of the Underworld. He's spoiled, sarcastic, and overall a royal brat. He rarely takes anything seriously, and loves to make jokes and poke fun at his followers. One might even fail to take him seriously. Unfortunately for them, he's known as "The Horror of the Universe" for a reason. Nishara is completely sadistic and cruel by nature, and his "jokes" can take a fatal turn without warning. Though he doesn't take much seriously, he does hate the Overworld considerably, and wants nothing more then to devour it's population and see it turned into a wasteland. He has similar intentions for the Earth, but doesn't care about it quite as much. Nishara is constantly hungry in both forms, and is almost always seen with some kind of food in hand, and he loves to visit new resturants. His servants are in constant fear of this as well, as he's prone to snacking on them at random. He loves to demonstrate his power in battle, but will usually keep it more low key out of combat, and usually avoids confrontatons, so long as he's not feeling too disrespected.

Fighting Style: In Human Form he'll use his speed and small size to avoid the enemies, while firing off quick bursts of dark magic. In Demon Form he'll do much the opposite, using his gigantic size to try and stomp on or eat the enemy. If you get eaten and survive, it will be possible to escape through small gates lining his body. Alternatively, you can venture further in, to try and destroy his heart and kill him for good. However in this case you'll end up fighting his immune system, symbiotes, and other assorted problems along the way.


-Dimension Shocker: a weapon which can change between sword, spear, and crystal forms. The crystal shape has no direct attack power, but greatly magnifies his already potent magic. This weapon is part of Nishara, and so cannot be stolen or used by others.

-Spellburst Cannon: A runic weapon which attaches to Nishara's wrist like a bracelet. It is pale gray in color with green lines appearing on it when activated. In active mode it extends to place a handle in his hand, and relay two rods up from it. When squeezed magical energy will flow into the rods, building up between them, before firing out as a powerful green beam. This weapon is part of Nishara, and so cannot be stolen or used by others.

-Cosmic Baton: A small silver rod resembling a conductor's baton. Using it he can create stars of magical energy to rain down over his enemies. Unlike his other weapons this one can be used by others, it's likely that he stole it himself.

Military Rank: N/A, Ruler

Killing Methods: The primary method is to get swallowed by him, escape his stomach without being digested, and destroy his heart from inside. Destroying his heart outside of his body will not work, due to his form warping space. He's much bigger inside then out, and his true heart can only be hit from within.

Personal History: Nishara is known as "The Horror of the Universe", and even the angels are not sure exactly what he is. He's classified as a demon however, as he has clear genetic relation to them, and has since become the Ruler of the Underworld. Though his structure is so different that that's basically all they could tell from his DNA. There are even rumors that said DNA sample ate one of the researchers, but that was never confirmed. Regardless, Nishara in his true form appears as an enormous purple beast, resembling a fusion of a dragon and a slug. He's also absolutely massive, towering like a mountain over his enemies. Though this is not his true size, and from reports of those swallowed by him that escaped, if he were to release his full mass, he would be far larger then the Earth, and possibly all three worlds put together. This is a problem in attempting kill him, as finding his heart will require navigating the massive world that is his internal structure.

Nishara appeared in Hell approximitely 1,500 years ago, and immediately began to lay waste to it. He overpowered the opposition, and was finally challenged by the ruler of the Underworld. The demon king was powerful, but Nishara's dark magic was too much, and the extraterrestrial beast slew the demon. With this Nishara became the new ruler of the demons, and adopted a human form so that he wouldn't smash his new castle. He's usually seen in this one now, even in his own world, and so the number of creatures that truly know what the demon ruler's true form looks like has dropped considerably. Though Nishara is not native to the Underworld, he still sees the Overworld as his enemy, and hates it considerably. As a result he is quite glad that the war has finally spilled out onto the Earth, and hopes to cause as much destruction their as possible. He has not yet entered into the battle personally, and instead has been deligateing it to his subordinates to handle.
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PostSubject: Re: Nishara, Horror of the Universe   Nishara, Horror of the Universe EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 1:20 pm

Okay, first off, I moved it to the right location for you. Second, since your character is supposed to be the "ruler of the Underworld," I don't think he's classified as a "Soldier" type, and I'm pretty sure this character won't be approved on that basis. However, I'm just the back-up Admin, and since this seems to be a special case, I'll let the true Admin handle it officially. So, for now, it's stuck in Limbo.
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Nishara, Horror of the Universe
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