A fantasy RPG site where you can play as almost any type of demon, vampire, lycan or witch/warlock you can think of.
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 General rules

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General rules Empty
PostSubject: General rules   General rules EmptySun Dec 19, 2010 10:46 pm

1)Keep the curse words to a minimum

2)Be respectful to other players

3)Absolutely NO G-MODDING (I cannot stress this enough...you will be banned)

4)Do whatever a staff member tells you (within reason)

5)If you have a problem with another member, bring it to my attention and I will deal with it. I don't want any vigilantly acts on my board

6) Do not create any thread saying you are leaving, you are back, or that you 'love peanut butter'

7) No "word games" or any threads which result in many just 1 or 2 word replies at fast intervals

8) Personal banners and signature areas (in the event of text) are limited to a size of width 500 and height 250.

9) Out of consideration to those with epilepsy, flashing avatars and signatures are not allowed.

10) Polls must have at least 2 choices.

11) When making your poll, be sure to promote discussion, to back up the choice they made.

12) Please try not to SPAM. If you double post accidentally, there is always a delete button.

13) Thread necromancy (reviving old threads) is ok here. Please feel free to revive if you want to discuss an old topic.

14) Marquees (scrolling text) seem to slow a lot of people down, so be thoughtful in their use.

15) Check sticky posts at the top of each forum, they often have any additional rules or useful information that you should know about the section.

16) Please try to keep role playing to the role play forums, it can get confusing in other topics.

17) When writing about games or TV programs, if you want to talk about something that may spoil the story or plot for someone else, it’s polite to try and hide your spoiler by making your text a hard to see color. This way people can highlight it if they want to read it, but won’t be spoiled if they want to discover the plot for themselves later.

or you can hide your spoilers in these

18) Grammar - Keep in mind this is a forum, not a chat box. TRY to make your posts as comprehensible as you can make them. Of course it's okay if English isn't your first language, but what we're trying to stay away from is "l33t sp34k" and "n00b" nonsense. The smallest of things can grow eventually to be very effective; so don't do such.

19) You may only advertise when you have 20 posts or more. And to affiliate you must be an active member with at least 50 posts. If you join just to advertise your forum topic will be deleted. no questions asked.

Sig Advertising - Need at least 10 posts.

Try not to make your character a Mary-Sue. It can be very annoying.

What is a Mary-Sue?

21) When posting try to give detail on what your doing but don't over do it. There are some people out there that will post 5 paragraphs to say that the kick you by using to much detail. This makes things confusing so please don't do that.

22) DO NOT ask to be made an Admin. The answer will be no, no questions asked. If you want to be a mod that can be done, but I have only people I know I can trust as admins so you must EARN the right to be an admin.

23) After you sign up you must create your character within 2 days or your account will be deleted.

24) This is a fantasy based RPG site. If you want to bring over characters from TV shows or video games or whatever then that is fine. Just be sure to detail their abilities in your character application for other players who may not know what these characters can do.

If you see someone breaking these rules, please, just inform an admin/moderator. This will help us moderate the rpg more easily.
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General rules
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